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    House of Asmodeus

    All Mods T5
    *Watch this space for gear and chips

    Ed syn Beam Intensifier 1mil

    Heartbreaker syn Critical Force Barrel 350k

    RD syn Ionic Barrel 350k

    Epi syn Maximum Force Barrel 500k
    Ada Aug syn Maximum Force Barrel 500k
    Hib syn Maximum Force Barrel 1mil
    ID syn Maximum Force Barrel 500k
    SC syn Maximum Force Barrel 500k
    SB syn Maximum Force Barrel 500k
    PB syn Maximum Force Barrel 1mil
    Reso syn Maximum Force Barrel 500k

    IE syn Power Bore 350k
    SB syn Power Bore 350k
    MM syn Power Bore 350k
    Sat syn Power Bore 350k
    Reso syn Power Bore 350k
    NVF syn Power Bore 350k
    HS syn Power Bore 350k

    Hib syn Power Choke 2mil
    FP syn Power Choke 1mil
    EA syn Power Choke 500k
    IC syn Power Choke 350k
    SB syn Power Choke 350k
    PB syn Power Choke 500k
    HS syn Power Choke 350k
    ED syn Power Choke 2mil
    Purge syn Power Choke 350k

    QW syn Power Muzzle 2mil
    BT syn Power Muzzle 2mil
    NVF syn Power Muzzle 500k
    IC syn Power Muzzle 500k
    Plate Slicer syn Power Muzzle 1mil

    CN syn Proximity Overthruster 1mil
    BT syn Proximity Overthruster 1mil
    Epi syn Proximity Overthruster 500k
    Plate Slicer syn Overthruster 500k

    MG syn Syphon Suppressor 350k
    FOP syn Syphon Suppressor 350k

    Epi syn Tachyon Laced Extender 350k
    RD syn Tachyon Laced Extender 350k
    QW syn Tachyon Laced Extender 1mil
    Sat syn Tachyon Laced Extender 350k

    MG syn Ulta Bore 1mil
    PI syn Ultra Bore 500k
    Ada Aug syn Ultra Bore 1mil

    Purge syn Viral Accelerator 500k
    IC syn Viral Accelerator 500k
    BT syn Viral Accelerator 2mil
    SB syn Viral Accelerator 500k
    SS syn Viral Accelerator 350k
    EA syn Viral Accelerator 1mil
    ST syn Viral Accelerator 500k
    QW syn Viral Accelerator 2mil
    CE syn Viral Accelerator 2mil
    Reso syn Viral Accelerator 2mil
    SC syn Viral Accelerator 500k
    RD syn Viral Accelerator 350k
    Plate Slicer syn Viral Accelerator 1mil

    NVF syn Active Reload System 500k
    Reso Active Reload System 500k
    PB syn Active Reload System 2mil

    PB syn Biological Expanded Mag 2mil
    ST syn Biological Expanded Mag 1mil

    IC syn Biological Fast Action Reloader 500k
    PI syn biological High Capacity Mag 1mil

    CN syn Biological Rapid Shotpod 1mil
    FP syn Biological Rapid Shotpod 1mil
    IC syn Biological Shotpod 350k

    CN syn Catalyst Injector Mag 1mil

    PB syn Electrical High Capacity Mag 500k

    Hib syn Expanded Mag 2mil
    Purge syn Expanded Mag 500k
    NVF syn Expanded Mag 500k
    RD syn Expanded Mag 500k
    CE Expanded Mag 2mil
    FOP Expanded Mag 2mil
    RC syn Expanded Mag 500k

    Epi syn Extended Sniper Mag 500k

    ID syn Fast Action Reloader 500k

    FOP syn Fusion Conductor 350k

    FP syn High Capacity Mag 1mil
    PI syn High Capacity Mag 1mil
    Reso syn High Capacity Mag 500k

    PI syn Incendiary Fast Action Reloader 500k

    PB syn Munition Interchanger 500k
    ID syn Munition Interchanger 500k
    EA syn Munition Interchanger 500k
    FOP syn Munition Interchanger 1mil
    BT syn Munition Interchanger 1mil
    CE syn Munition Interchanger 1mil
    MM syn Munition Interchanger 1mil

    Epi syn Radiation Rapid Reloader 1mil

    PI syn Radiation Shotpod 1mil

    IE syn Radiation Sniper Rapid Mag 350

    MG syn Rapid Reloader 1mil
    ID syn Rapid Reloader 1mil

    FP syn Rapid Shotpod 500k
    Plate Slicer syn Rapid Shotpod 500k
    ST syn Rapid Shotpod 500k
    Hallow Point syn Rapid Shotpod 350k
    IE syn Radiation Rapid Shotpod 500k
    ID syn Rapid Shotpod 350k

    FP syn Reserve Chamber 500k
    Epi syn Reserve Chamber 500k
    ED syn Reserve Chamber 2mil
    SB syn Reserve Chamber 500k
    CN syn Reserve Chamber 1mil
    ST syn Reserve Chamber 350k
    EA syn Reserve Chamber 500k
    SS syn Reserve Chamber 350k

    NVF syn Shotpod 350k

    SP syn Sniper Rapid Mag 350k

    Hib syn Strain Reducer 2mil
    EA syn Strain Reducer 1mil
    ID syn Strain Reducer 1mil
    CE syn Strain Reducer 2mil
    MM sum Strain Reducer 500k
    IE syn Strain Reducer 1mil
    Epi syn Strain Reducer 1mil
    CN syn Strain Reducer 2mil

    PB syn Strain Reloader 1mil

    Plate Slicer syn Syphon Extended Sniper Mag 500k

    Hib syn Syphon Fast Action Reloader 1mil

    ST syn Syphon High Capacity Mag 1mil
    Defiant Few High Capacity Mag 2mil

    Hib syn Syphon Rapid Reloader 2.5mil

    Ada Aug syn Syphon Shotpod 500k
    Plate Slicer Syphon Shotpod 350k

    MG syn Tachmag Reloader 350k

    Hib syn Acquisition System 2mil
    Purge syn Acquisition System 1mil
    MM syn Acquisition System 1mil
    NVF syn Acquisition System 1mil
    BT syn Acquisition System 2mil
    QW syn Acquisition System 2mil
    CN syn Acquisition System 2mil
    Ada Aug syn Acquisition System 2mil
    CE syn Acquisition System 2mil

    ID syn Force Accelerator 500k
    Epi syn Force Accelerator 500k
    NVF syn Force Accelerator 500k
    CN syn Force Accelerator 1mil
    PI syn Force Accelerator 1mil
    HP syn Force Accelerator 350k
    BT syn Force Accelerator 500k
    FP syn Force Accelerator 500k
    SB syn Force Accelerator 500k

    Hib syn Launch Scope 2mil
    EA syn Launch Scope 500k
    Ada Aug syn Launch Scope 500k
    NVF syn Launch Scope 500k
    SC syn Launch Scope 500k
    ID syn Launch Scope 500k
    IC syn Launch Scope 500k

    CN syn Marksman Scope 500k

    PF syn Phoenix Fist
    RD syn Mobile Adjustment Scope 500k
    SP syn Mobile Adjustment Scope 500k

    FP syn Rapid Acquisition System 1mil
    PI syn Rapid Acquisition System 500k
    IE syn Rapid Acquisition System 350k
    Defiant Few Rapid Acquisition System 1mil

    Epi syn Scatter Scope 350k
    RD syn Scatter Scope 500k
    NVF Scatter Scope 500k
    ID syn Scatter Scope 500k
    ST syn Scatter Scope 350k
    CE syn Scatter Scope 350k

    Epi syn Sharpshooter Scope 500k
    SP syn Sharpshooter Scope 500k
    ID syn Sharpshooter Scope 500k

    HP syn Stabilization Sight 350k
    SP syn Stabilization Sight 500k
    RD syn Stabilization Sight 500k
    Reso syn Stabilization Sight 1mil
    PI syn Stabilization Sight 1mil

    MG syn Tachyon Projector 350k

    CN syn Target Recovery System 1mil
    MG syn Target Recovery System 500k
    QW syn Target Recovery System 1mil
    Ada Aug Target Recovery System 500k

    QW syn Bio Stabilizer 2mil
    MG syn Bio Stabilizer 2mil
    Ada Aug syn Bio Stabilizer 2mil
    Purge syn Bio Stabilizer 500k
    Sat syn Bio Stabilizer 500k

    Defiant Few syn External Recoil Reduction 1mil

    PF syn First Stage Booster 500k
    SP syn First Stage Booster 500k
    MG syn First Stage Booster 2mil
    Hib syn First Stage Booster 2mil
    ID syn First Stage Booster 500k
    IE syn First Stage Booster 1mi
    Purge syn Recoil Buttstock 500k
    IE syn Recoil Buttstock 350k
    MG syn Recoil Buttstock 1mil
    RC syn Recoil Buttstock 350k
    PI syn Recoil Buttstock 1mil
    ID syn Recoil Buttstock 500k
    EA syn Recoil Buttstock 500k

    MM syn Recoil Dampner 500k
    Reso syn Recoil Dampner 2mil
    ID syn Recoil Dampner 2mil
    SC syn Recoil Dampner 1mil

    MG syn Sledge Arm 500k
    ID syn Sledge Arm 500k
    CE syn Sledge Arm 500k

    MG syn Sniper Recoil Stock 1mil
    SP syn Sniper Recoil Stock 1mil

    MG syn Tight Guidance System 500k
    Reso syn Tight Guidance System 500k
    BT syn Tight Guidance System 500k

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    Bump again for sales.

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