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    30 Day Paradise Patron Pass 25%OFF

    Summer is officially here! To kick off with a splash, this special pass is now available with a 25%OFF discount. Take a look below for the details!

    30 Day Paradise Patron Pass

    Get more from your Ark Hunting! Gain +100% XP, Arkforge, Skill. +25% Scrip, Reputation, Salvage, Score. +50% consumable charges and ammo pool. 10% off most store items. Each Jackpots with additional Karma loot rolls! Get Arkforge, Keycodes and much more from exclusive Patron Contracts, Login bonuses.

    This deal won’t be around forever so don’t miss out while it's available until June 9 AM PDT/ 18:00 CEST.

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    isnt the karma rolls not working? and for some time at that. more than a few posts about the karma system not working.

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