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    D13 item transfer to D50

    I don’t recall seeing any official post that all item transfers have occurred. I’ve waited about a month. Not all items transferred.

    I’m missing the Defiant Few Recon Gear outfit.

    I’d been using it for awhile on D13 and was being used on my D13 toon when that platform ended.

    Other items did transfer so I know my accounts were linked. Here’s my info:

    ID: matalos666
    Platforms Xbox 360/Xbox One
    D13 toon: Deadly ShyGirl
    D50 toon: DeadlyShyGirl

    Please transfer my Defiant Few Recon Gear outfit to my D50 account.

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    this is the list of items that get transferred.


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    Yeah, man, had a same issue with that outfit when game launched - even sent a ticket and check those lines in link above

    Defiant Few Recon Gear*
    Not all methods of acquiring this item were available to be transferred

    so if u bought it from vendor for Rep like me u not gonna get it transferred, maybe it was before in store I dk(so those who boght it for real money got it), not now, but still if u got it from Def Few vendor - forget it

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackIceWidow1 View Post
    Please transfer my Defiant Few Recon Gear outfit to my D50 account.
    Bold of you to assume they're actually listening...
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
    Medjed: "Show me a game from the same segment range that doesn’t lose its audience after 7 years of existence."
    Warframe: "Hold our beer."
    Imagine peddling bit store trash rather than fixing the game in 2020.

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    Yeah, I figured the chance of being heard and provided customer service to resolve this were minuscule.

    Just had to post it since, as far as I know, we’ve been told nothing about the item transfers. Did it work as intended? Where there issues and some items didn’t transfer?

    If it’s on the list of transfer items it should be given to you. It shouldn’t matter how you got it. That’s what makes sense, but we know that doesn’t apply to this game.

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    The transfer is completed as planned and we had no issues with it. Please note that according to the Transferable item list not all methods of acquiring were available to be transferred for the items marked with (*).


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    Sorry, that just not right.

    So, I’m being penalized for obtaining it by achievement instead of buying it. With no option to even purchase it.

    As I recall, if you got vehicles and outfit gear by achievement and it was or became available in the bit store it had the “Purchased “ label on it. Making it unavailable to purchase.

    So, even if I wanted to purchase it for the transfer I couldn’t while others could just buy it.

    Am I wrong about that? Someone please post a response if I don’t have that right.

    If I am, it’s baffling you would penalize game players like that. And you could made a little more money by letting them be purchased by all.

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