The second best Multiplayer TPS game is coming back on steam. I said second, because despite the problems with Defiance, i still think Defiance is the best MMOTPS, only because of the cool loot system and massive open world exploring. APB Reloaded or should i say All points bulletin was my favorite MMOTPS, until RTW shut down and when Gamerfirst removed the old threat system and some other stuff, visual changes, game just went to hell. The new company over there, sucks. Anyways, here's the link to M.A.R.S.

Game features
Over 20 maps, PVE Modes, PVP modes, Loot and rewards, Character "Customization", Clans, Groups. I think its the second best MMOTPS ever, so much content and fun.

For those who don't know, this game has been shut down many times, but its not what you think. What i mean is, when all these versions were release, they did last many years before shutting down.

There was a Philippines version under the name " Mercenary Online wars" by Massive Gaming, i was a CM there , the game had many active GM's, but the game shut down due to the company not paying employees money lol, there was a big protest about it in PH, but you know how that goes. There's some facebook information about it, if you use Facebook. You can also contact, GM Rhaine on fb and ask her for more information about the shut down.

The game was also release in NA under a name, but I'm not sure what that was.

The game was also release in Russia under the name "Black Fire" , the game was very popular in Russia and many people outside of Russia played this one. I honestly believe this was the best version because it had some exclusive stuff other versions did not have.

Then the game was re-release in NA under the name "Zombie Monster Robots / ZMR " and in EU name: " Hazard Ops". Again, both were shut down.

Its still active in another region "ZMR" for Brazil only, but does not have a IP block, i play it.

It was also release in Thai, the company i think the name was Goldensoft or something like that, but was also shut down.

So a long history, but its coming back again