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    Duni Shetarru Racer Sale

    The Duni Shetarru Racers are not only colorful but also fast-paced! Outrun your enemy while creating some serious damage! Now until July 26, 9 AM Duni Shetarru Racers are 40% off!
    The following colors are available in the Defiance 2050 store:
    • Racer Black/Red
    • Racer Green/Black
    • Racer Purple/Pink
    • Racer Red/Orange
    • Racer Gray/Black
    • Racer Red/White
    • Racer Yellow/Blue
    • Racer Cyan/Black
    Grab it! Got it? Good!

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    Thanks, but no thanks... those vehicles do nothing for me to justify spending additional money on this cash grab.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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    Imagine peddling bit store trash rather than fixing the game in 2020.

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    Serious damage? Since when? Unless you can tell us you have increased the current tp armor rate for vehicles these vehicles currently explode on enemy contact.

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    They explode even when running over chickens, so the only serious damage happening is to the cars.

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    Well set out, clear and to the point, easy to understand. However, I do agree that the vehicles are all too weak and the truck for the missions is hideous and torturously too slow. My chars can run faster than that.

    In my opinion:

    Increase the hit points/armor of all vehicles.

    Increase normal speed of all vehicles, equivalent to the current boost speed, then add boost on top of that.

    It would be great if you offered a similar deal in many colors for the Hover Bikes. This would be more personalised and give players a more unique style to go with their outfits.

    Question: Would you allow the community to tell you what they want in the game? I think it would make things a little more easier for you all, instead of guessing what you think we want. After all, it is the players who be and feel the characters they play, and they know what style they want to be.

    I would like to see:
    * New Outfits in the store,
    * New Packs (Weapon, Shield, Nade, Vehicle, Outfit & Headgear)
    * New Vehicle Models which you can manually choose the color.
    * New 2 for the price of one with Bits as in old times.
    * Better Outfit & Headgear rewards for completion of pursuits.

    I was disappointed to see many of the outfits I paid money for in D13, became a number of the pursuit rewards. How can a player feel special and stand out from the bunch after buying these, then you make them freely available to all through the pursuits.

    If you have the finances, staff & time, why not ask the community if they would like to be involved in a competition to design a vehicle, keeping to the theme and timeline of the game, which they think would fit well into their gameplay. You could offer the winners, the choice of 2-4 colors, or a different set of spiffy wheels, exhausts etc, which identifies them as the winners, whereas all others have the basics.

    Out of the many designs, you pick which ones would go well in the game and offer them in the store or in Package Deals.

    Following on from the above suggestion, you could also offer a competition for designing Headgear & Outfits, giving the winners some extra goodies for their help and support invested inthis game. If you give them an interest, then they will want to play it and wear it or drive it or buy it.

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    * 24 hour only pop-ups offering a more common item
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    There's a trick to make vehicles weapons of mass destruction. I can practically clear a minor AF in less than 60 seconds with my car. My car eventually blows up, but by that time I've murdered everything in the area.

    You'll need to think outside the box to make it work though.

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