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Thread: PS3 EU problems

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    PS3 EU problems

    Ever since the maintenance the PS3 EU server is plagued with lag to the extent that anything you do takes 2 seconds or more to respond. The majors have the enemies standing still. You can barely load ammo from boxes (unless you a vet and know what to do). Swapping weapons same. etc.
    PS3 NA is fine so I know it's not my connection.

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    From Medjed on another similar post:
    Thank you for reporting the current situation on PS3.
    We are currently looking into this issue. Hopefully it will get resolved asap.

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    OK thanks. Just wanted one logged in 'PS3: Bugs and Issues' so you are aware of the problem.

    Also Milkbananatoasty's post was more related to social and pvp bugs but this issue is widespread.

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