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    What is the dmg and mag size of perf aa mb?

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    Kc frosty it does 3731 with my sent rig, with my one friend rig rr t5ed it does like almost 4k DMG, and it has 61 in the mag.

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    Its 6ke and 2x dmg

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    Update: Changed a few prices, and gotta add a few new mods.

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    Sold a few things, added few things I'm looking to buy

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    Updated: need to update mods here in a little sold a bunch, got a few weapons I'll be posting same with chips. found witch hexer pretty freaking happy and dc5 mk1. Also added mods I'm looking for and chips I'm needed. Thank you and happy arkfall hunting

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    Update: Will be adding more stuff for sale here in a little, got few chips I got from expo's and few weapons/shields be selling. Also be updating mods for sale. Wish everyone a great day. God bless happy arkfall hunting. OwO

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    Hey, man. I got an NVF det brrl, T5. It's a Min DMG barrel tho'. Let me know if you need it


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    Thx but I dont want min dmg and I need to see what I still need for my t6 Infinity beyond,

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    Updated couple things for a moment, gotta go through my inventory and add alot more chips and a bunch of mods. And weapons.

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