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    Yea I was gonna tell you don't trust Luther either...he's a total scumbag. The a**hole teabags me every time he gets a kill on me using his cheap blur/sword setup then has the nerve to send me psn messages begging for my chips. I see people all the time call out Luther scammer and I can recall an incident a long time ago where he tried to pull a PG scam on me and a friend of mine in the same week. Isn't it a shame how many grimey people are in this game?

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    Kc frosty yeah most definitely just means I gotta make a list for when I play those on that list I just wont ever trade with ever again. The funniest thing in my eyes how someone gets so greedy in a game rather be a lazy *** than make the money. You want for something you want and feel happy you earned that. I mean I've been handed a electric and dev to swap for aj06 when he was playing I remember I was handed a v11 br right when the prices sky rocketed and worth couple hundred mill a piece. And even at a low ego. It never even for a second to cross my mind yo steal something from someone working hard to get.

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    Exactly, grind and earn your stuff. And yes, I also keep a few lists as references. I have a list of people who act like d*ckheads in expos so I know to keep them outta my expos and I keep a list of known scammers. Pretty sad we have to do stuff like that but that's the reality of defiance these days.

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    Kc frosty when I'm on the game again I'm gonna ask you to somehow add you on something possibly snap or hell even private chat in game and ask you for the list of scammers. So I can write down and so if they hit me up asking I'll be like no I don't sell to scammers.

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    Ok np I most certainly will help you out with that.

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    If it's possible, I would kindly ask you to do the same for me. I want to know who I'm making business with or who I'm with on expos.


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    For sure...I will be on in a few hours.

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    Actually I'm just gonna send you guys private messages on here with my 2 lists just to be faster.

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    I got it kc frosty thank you, I plan to make sure any of those ppl if ever try to trading only way I'm trading is if not something worth alot. Those ppl I won't take any chances with. Btw bonea was really sweet and helped me get some money back for my stolen mb, I was aiming for a electric rig but was told mo/cf rig are preferable the best expo rig that's all I mainly run so plan to just trade for a mo rig. So feeling pretty happy. Back up to where I was at but I grinded and sold few things and now all the money I'm just saving for something bigger if need be. Still looking for old school weapons. Excited also I picked up a assault rifle mk1 for my collection. But still so many more Jps I gotta try to figure out to find.

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    Am happy to see Medjed let this post stay on the forum. Scammers should get shamed for doin that to ppl. Glad you didn't quit bc of it Panda.

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