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    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy303 View Post
    TheGreatBartis is the biggest glitcher, hacker, exploiter ever to play D13. Dude is trash. I would not trust that person.
    says the bio glitcher lol

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    No doubt, gets on here and whines about all the same glitches he uses. I don't even bother playing pvp when these pathetic cheaters join, I just leave the match. Not gonna get kills from me anymore I'll just boost kills with my clannies since gamigo refuses to correct this.

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    Your on here daily complaining because you can’t get a kill. A simple solution is go back to killing those bugs in expo your so graciously proud of. But aye, I still haven’t forgot the time you said I killed you across the map with an mb when it was instead point blank right in your face. Oh and dude, how exactly am I whining? Lmao

    I get on here rarely, and most if not all those times I just see “Aw Gamigo hackers and glitchers everywhere, help me pls” Grow tf up dude or go play Defiance 2050, heard its fun over there.

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    Bartiis idk what's more funny your dumb *** didnt read the post that this is like over like a month now old, probably going on 2 months. Or the fact you say I'm complaining about things yet you Took the time from your day to bring up something you clearly salty about that happened that I said well over a month ago. All I gotta say is your sad and bringing up hashed **** is pathetic especially getting mad in a game. And aside from that so many understood the meaning behind this post I made. And was understanding. You taking it and tryna get ****in cloud so ima respectfully say now to get off my post if you got a problem keep it to yourself. I don't got time to fight with someone over small **** that was said. Grow up and you do you fam. K ��✌��

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    Hell you compare me to most ppl who pvp and you saying I complain just gonna say now there a few I can throw out names but I have respect to not do that, funny how you say i complain about the same **** everyday. yet the same **** relatethey complain abd to pvp I see the same ppl I could name complaining, And ya know there times you complained in zone about **** but done the same **** you complained about. Pretty ironic, and its even more funny everytime I look back to what you say I play expo way more than pvp. Everyday. Just some advice whatever you salty for. I let that **** go. Maybe do the same and know I dont care even after if you talk **** just know ima be muting you. Cause it's sad seeing a grown *** man complain about **** related to a game. Smfh

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    Oof I’m a little late, my old post wasn’t even targeted at you btw lmao but it’s nice to see you’ve shown your true colors.

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    How did I miss this? Priceless. OG... bahahahahahahahaha.
    Quote Originally Posted by nick145 View Post
    I love the guy slinger weapons for some unknown reason... I may have a problem

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