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    Looking to buy prepatch weapon's

    Hello I'm looking to try to find a few of my beloved old school jps/prepatch weapons I used to have years ago. Building a collection.

    These are what I'm looking for jp weapons/weapons

    DC1 mk1

    Dc7 mk1

    Nordic wraith

    Winter grasp

    Reckoning mk1

    ghost duster mk1 (found a mk2 still looking for a mk1)

    Beelzebub mk1

    Ghost hunter mk1

    Feaster mk1

    Devils advocate mk1

    Exl brief candle

    Exl dire prieve
    Blackened hellfire weapons prepatch

    Defiant few bloodhound mk1

    (Found) Old school Plate slicer BMG -(found 1 with triple heal)


    Looking for the most

    Zagger/zaggers mk1

    If you got any of these, let me know I'm willing to meet and buy.

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    Update found me a witch hexer not exactly what I wanted but mk2 still good ������

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    i got a ra 44

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    Scxpe I want the hellcat but atm trying to make arkforge to sell this one mb I have if you can hold it for a short time I promise I will have the scrip to buy. I am definitely interested. Btw how much you asking for the hellcat. Btw If its offer I don't really do make offers because I feel like I'll come off low balling. And i dont wanna do that.

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    I have a partially T5'ed Winter's Grasp. Drop me an offer.

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    Tbh decoy I'm not entirely sure the price of a winter grasp. I'm definitely interested. So if you have a price in mind be better to do that cause I don't like to offer and seem like I'm low balling someone

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