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    DLC Not recognized

    I bought Defiance in 2013 and later the Season Pass, so I should have all the DLC. I have been using DLC weapons consistently for years and suddenly those items are red in my inventory, I can no longer equip them, if I try I get a message saying I need DLC. I cannot enter the gunslinger arenas.

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game and launcher, and I've contacted support who tried to reinstate the DLCs onto my account, but that didn't change anything. and finally (after weeks) I received this reply:


    This issue appears to be a bug, and due to this it has now been forwarded to the Game Team for further review.
    Please note that you will not hear back directly regarding this, as the Game Team is unable to update and reply to issues individually.

    We suggest keeping an eye on our forums for updates, as well as posting any future reports there in future."

    So, I guess RIP Defiance.

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    I've had that happen before on pc/na, but it only lasted a day or two and it just started working again without having to report anything. What platform region are you? There's a bug report section here:


    I'm surprised customer service couldn't get it fixed. Post this again in the bug section and maybe even PM Medjed and Pax so they can forward your info to the rt people.

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    Try these links to see if you get some help if the issue still has not resolved itself as RJRJ35 has had happen.

    Need to Report a Game Bug?
    Click Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...tpsMw/viewform

    Experiencing Game Lag?
    Click Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...nWPLw/viewform

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    It’s a bug on the game server. It’s happened several times over the years. You’ll have to probably dig through the post archives to see what they (devs) did to resolve it.
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    Major bugs going on in the game. I had fully T5'ed a QW syn Precise Incubator only to go and use it the following morning to find all the mods on the canker had been replaced with a t5 ST syn boo stabilizer, t4 viral accelerator, a T5 pi stain reducer and the final T5 mod I needed to complete the syn that I missed the night before with a t5 acquisition system. So I file a ticket. No one has access to my cart and I never put t4 mods on my weapons let alone mods from random syns unless it's a backpack synergy. They can't see how the glitch occurred though they can see it's a glitch. All the t5's that had previously been modded to said incubator were now in my inventory minus the strain reducer. I get told by the CM handling my issue what I thought would be compensation? How about giving my missing mods back, and if you can't do that maybe 21,600 in PG or enough arkforge for a 100% T6. As a patron pass player for over six years I can guarantee they will say that form of compensation is not possible. They would rather abuse their players in any possible way while pretending in so many ways that they actually care.

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