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    Set up Defiance game control on smartphone

    Hello Defiance gamers.
    I'm a new player, I'm having trouble setting up game controls
    I'm not used to controlling the default game arrangement.
    I want to change the control settings as desired.
    For more comfort while playing.

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    From the EGO menu select Settings (bottom left of wheel) then select Controls (on PC looks like a mouse, 4th from left). Go to Controls Remapping and switch it to On. Use the new panes to set keybindings as you would like.

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    So... this is a Defiance related question in Off Topic?


    Great job on that... Kappa
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    They'd rather hide posts then help the player out smdh. Great answer btw sad the cas cant be bothered to .

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    Quote Originally Posted by MONKEYKING View Post
    They'd rather hide posts then help the player out smdh. Great answer btw sad the cas cant be bothered to .
    Most likely this is a spam bot. Unless someone knows how to set up the Defiance game controls on there smart phone? The random link was deleted from this post, and it was only left to see if any other posts appeared from this account.
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    Actually if you have the app a smartphone can be used as a controller...... So not a bot its a legit question. You'd know this if you owned an Xbox.....
    Granted to the op i dont recommend this using the app is difficult for this kind of game.

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    Thanks for your advice.

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