Many years ago, my Girlfriend was told in one of her classes at University, that a particular survey was done. It was said to go like this:

If you do good to someone, on average, they will tell 3 people.

If you do bad to someone, on average, they will tell 8 people.

My point here is all about the actions and inactions conducted by the companies who have managed this game. Undoubtedly, 1000's of players have left, for many reasons, but one reason is more outstanding than others - They were offended by the outcomes delivered by the company.

If the above is true, then if this game is going to continue, Gamigo and associates have a huge job of winning back the players trust, faith, and confidence in them.

I hope for all players, that we will see some good outcomes in the near future and that this current company can implement what is needed to get this game cranking again.

We all have our limits, but how much longer do we all wait to see the changes players have repeatedly mentioned for years, before it completely dies?