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    To Defiance Team HQ (Excluding CA's):

    To Defiance Team HQ (Excluding CA's): For the second time around, coming back to the D50 game in Feb this year, I was hoping to see some big changes, improvements, way better communication from HQ, but I continually receive multilayered levels of disappointment with the game, accompanied with the loss of enthusiasm, hope and interest in the game.

    In 8 months, nothing I have seen has changed and if there was any initiative to do so, it should have already happened. If things are happening in the background, which are good, but your not telling us, then its not doing the game any good keeping it from us the community.

    I'm fed up with waiting, waiting, waiting for good things to come and only get the silence treatment, which is what I have read and heard since being back here.

    Whatever you the mob upstairs are doing for this game, its not working for me and more than likely, many others. Why, bcos I see you still are not listening or communicating to us of new goals you have of the game nor have you had the courtesy to acknowledge any of the many point players make here or on the forums about what they see the game needs. This does not keep me or other players content, especially being ignored by you all at the top!

    Bugs have always been an ongoing issue, however in the meantime, you could have been employing someone to begin some new content, items, vehicles on the side while you attend to the things of priority.

    We the community need to know whats happening with the game from you mob at the top, to give us some hope you give a toss about us and the future of the game. Silence is as bad as speaking to someones face, and they ignore you!

    The ticketing dept, hasn't changed one bit since 2018 and still has one person answering tickets for EU & NA who's name iis Aurora. Tickets should always be answered within a few hours or the next day at the latest and not 2 weeks or more, bcos of the fact one person can't attend to them now when needed. The game runs globally 24/7 but the ticketing dept runs Mon-Fri (Weekends Off). NOT GOOD JAN !

    So, therefore, now you know whats on my horizon, if this continues, bcos it does not interest me at all. If you at the top value me and others in the community, then get down off your high perches and talk to us, even if you have to do it in private.

    Besides me having health issues, the many things I have said during the last 8 months, being ignored or not acknowledged, have also added to making the decision "EASY" to delete 10 chars of mine in this last month.

    I now have only one main Char on NA & EU left. I hope I don't have to come to making the decision of deleting them anytime in the near future (Out of Principle), despite the many 1000's of dollars I have spent on this game. I thought MEDIA GAMES INVEST looked after long term players?

    The ball is in your court GAMIGO/MGI!

    This kills my fun greatly, playing this game.
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    You hear that Gamigo? *Crickets*

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    Hopefully gamigo hears this.

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