Hello I decided the best way to keep up with things for everyone in a sense is expo stuff since I expo normally few hours a day. So I'll be posting new things all the time. If you see something you want. Either hmu in game or on here thx �� happy ark hunting

Armor eridicator- 400k
T5 Bio int- 250k
T6 Bio int- 500k
T5 Bionetic int- 200k
T5 Curative economizer- 200k
T5 Dmg int AR- 300k
T5 Dmg int Det- 400k
T6 Decoy accelerator- 400k
T5 Incendiary int- 250k
T5 lock on expediator RL- 400k
T5 magazine augmentor RL- 300k
T6 magazine augmentor RL- 600k
T5 Overcharge sustainer- 150k
T6 Recoil dampener Det- 500k
T6 Recoil dampener Inf- 350k
T6 Recoil dampener pistol- 500k
T5 Recoil dampener RL- 300k
T5 recoil dampener RL- 300k
T6 recoil dampener RL- 500k
T5 Reload accelerator AR- 400k
T6 Reload accelerator AR- 600k
T5 Reload accelerator SG- 400k
T5 Shot hastner Det- 300k
T5 shot hastner Det- 300k
T5 Shot hastner pistol- 350k
T5 Spread stabilizer- 350k