• Time: When did this issue occur? Please be as specific as possible. If it happens repeatedly at all times, please include that information as well.

TIME N/A qw det rockets not increasing in damage.

  • Game Details: What are the name(s) of any involved missions/pursuits/items? Please attempt to provide exact names as shown in-game. What location did this issue occur exactly? Please be as specific as possible.

  • Character Details: What EGO Rating is your character? What EGO power is your character using?

  • Expected Outcome: In one sentence, what did you expect to happen? For example "I pressed the reload button and expected to reload"
QW Det, Rocket Proc for damage but do not increase.

  • Observed Outcome: In one sentence, what actually happened? For example “My character danced.”
QW Det, Rocket proc on screen damage is increasing but do not.

  • Repro Steps: Most importantly, if possible, please include a list of specific steps we can take to reproduce this issue on our end. These steps need to be something we can reproduce on a new character, not isolated to your character only.
Get a qw det or rocket drop add 4 mods and fire at npcs.

  • Image/Video Documentation: Often the most useful information we can get for bugs will be screenshots or video documentation of the bug occurring. These can be uploaded to 3rd party websites (youtube/imgur) and you just have to include the link to them.