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    [#gamigo20] World Animal Day - Anniversary Points event

    We provide a very cheerful care for an endangered species living is our paradise. To mark #AnimalDay during the gamigo 20 Anniversary we are hosting a screenshot/photo challenge.

    Take a screenshot or photo with the shown animal in Defiance 2050 to receive Anniversary Points. Don’t forget to share your platform, server, and IGN!

    The number of points you can win will vary depending on how many players participate. For example, if there are only two (2) participants, they will each receive 5,000 points. However, if there are twenty (20) or more participants, each will receive 500 points.

    Post your entry in this thread.

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    PC EU Laughing Grass

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    #AnimalDay Endangered Mutated Chicken

    Endangered species living in our paradise Green Chicken - SM.jpgGreen Chicken - SM.jpg

    Naga911 PC/NA #AnimalDay

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    #AnimalDay Endangered Mutated Chicken

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    #AnimalDay Endangered Mutated Chicken

    #AnimalDay Miz Fortucia PC NA D50

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    [#gamigo20] World Animal Day - Anniversary Points event


    PS3 EU
    PSN-ID der-Passant
    IGN Wanderhure
    "You know you done messed up when der-Passant is firing shots!" -KahRownah

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    Word Animal Day!!

    PS4 EU KillStreaker
    Attached Images

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    ps3 EU
    Attached Images

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    Server: NA
    IGN: T0X1C
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