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    [#gamigo20] gamigo skin

    Hey fellow Ark Hunters! We somehow got the hang of wishing skin concepts. The rules are simple! Be as creative as you wish and color/modify this asset into #gamigo20 anniversary skin.

    If you think that orange color fits the occasion, then make it orange! Want to stick a hellbug? Do it! Add text? Why not? It’s all about gamigo anniversary and you are the heart of it!

    Top players from both games will get:

    1st place: 6x Hulker Hell Cache or 3x Isotropic Decay Supply Crate
    2nd place: 4x Hulker Hell Cache or 2x Isotropic Decay Supply Crate
    3rd place: 2x Hulker Hell Cache or 1x Isotropic Decay Supply Crate

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    Gulacs Gamigo skin

    Meet the Carnivor

    It's a D20 .50 caliber gamigo

    It's 12 volt nuclear battery is capable of shooting 10 million round before replacement

    The blue LED strip indicates the charge of each shot

    capable of between 15000 and 75000 DPS

    with a fire rate of 5 rps and a fully charged rate of 0.5 seconds

    And it shoots a variety of rounds as indicated by the illuminated section at the front

    I cannot fight a psychic enemy! How else do they know to move aside just as I pull my sniper rifles trigger, even when I am cloaked.

    If all the money and all the hours spent by all the gamers playing all the games, was put to a better use then the world would be a boring place.

    The Defiant Prayer: Defiance give me the guns I need, To kill the things I can, To kill the things I cant, and the guns so there is no difference

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    hallowen skin


    Gun that shoots orange fireballs

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    [#gamigo20] gamigo skin

    gamigo skin.jpg

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    "You know you done messed up when der-Passant is firing shots!" -KahRownah

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