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    Unable to Upgrade Rarity on Weapons and Armor

    I am unable to increase the rarity of the Weapons and Shield. Theres a Red Lock on the Weapons and Shield I am trying to Modify. I have not increased the rarity of the Shield in questuon, so why is there a Red Lock preventing its ability of its rarity to be increased. I want to Increase the Shield from Orange to Gold.
    So what is the issue , problem that is preventing me from doing so. I have had no problems increasing my weapons rarity previously. I currently have 2 weapons that I Increased its Rarity from Orange to Gold . So i know the steps involved.

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    if has a redlock u cant upgraded further. someone must have upgraded them before .

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEATHBRINGER210 View Post
    if has a redlock u cant upgraded further. someone must have upgraded them before .
    Actually Bringer, Once Ark Gear's Been Updated/Upgraded By It's Keeping Dominator, To Upgrade The Ark Gear Further, Only Sub-Class: An (Ark Smith) Can Update Their Ark Gears Further In 2050 Defiance Universal.

    Every Sub Class Posses Personal Skills And Abilities For Open World's Battlements, But Also Defiance Universal Open World Economic Skills And Abilities, With Also A Research Tree, Currently Deactivated Until A Computer, (Which Is Bypassed Maybe Hundreds Of Times Daily), Resumes Completing Ark Universal's Research Tree...., yet.., that's another story.

    (Central Rising Spoke Of Ark Smith's Many Times)

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    Dont know if Bushede was trolling, but thats another story. Soon after i posted that I was not able to increase the rarity of my shield. I was able to increae the rarity of my Shield from Orange to Gold. In hindsight , increasing the Shields rarity was not worth the Ark Forge. I cant tell the difference before and after the modifocation.

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