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    The state of PvP


    Good to see speedhacks and kill auras are still undetected.
    Defiance is gone. Gamigo has been "not neglecting" the game for over a year, yet there's nothing new except for low effort arkfalls and bitshop items.
    I know it might be hard to quit a game you loved for years but you have to understand that it won't get better. Ever. If you like the game in it's current state, then sure, keep playing it. You're enjoying yourself after all. But if you aren't, don't hope for a better future for Defiance. Because it won't come.


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    Wow. Blatantly running hacks and devs don't seem capable of doing a damned thing smdh. I've noticed they've TOTALLY avoided this thread too.......

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    Unbelievable... And the CM'S just want to ignore this post? Guess this is part of why the population died...

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    Forum is not dedicated for player reports. If you want to make a report please submit a ticket to the customer support here:
    We have a special category “Player Reports” dedicated for this kind of reports.

    That’s the only way to make offenders punished and help us to improve server.

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