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    Pepsi maxx

    I am still waiting to hear about the compensation you said I would get after you looked into the problem I am experiencing with Pepsi Maxx.You said you would leave my ticket open and get back to me but all you did was close the tickets down. Aq

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    They still haven't given you the compensation yet? They must be running a skeleton crew.

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    WTF this player had this problem WEEKS ago? I'm truly amazed this company hasn't been sued yet. Really need to change the company's name to IDGAF so perhaps players know not to expect a damn thing..........

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    Hello pepsi max,

    You should send a new ticket and reply to the existing one for an update on your case, I’m sure your ticket wasn’t just closed. There was either a solution provided or you got asked for more details. Here on forums neither community managers neither players can help you with your issue.

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