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    Next event this week?

    I didn't play any of hulker hell ( was busy, cancer issues, playing other games ) , so when is the next event? also can they do an event that we don't play as often? but i am assuming the next event is the snow event?
    please make sure there are holiday guns dropping as loot, thank you.

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    Event on now, sorta. Or at least there is event arkfalls, but zero, no event loot, not from majors or minors. . So pointless
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    That feeling when watching paint dry on a wall sounds more productive.

    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
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    Imagine peddling bit store trash rather than fixing the game in 2020.

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    Yea no drops and the worst lag/disconnects I've seen in 3 years. I've done 15 majors so far and only 7 I was actually able to stay logged in to get credit for. Phase hopping is pretty much impossible, instant crits. Can't get vehicle to spawn, can't reload or switch guns, rubber banding, invisible enemies, etc, etc. Giant lagfest.

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