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    No Shame In Gamigo's Game...

    The game is operating at an all time low and you all have the gall to host Black Friday boxes in a bitstore that quite frankly shouldn't be available due to recent crash events. But to still see this stuff at the same way overpriced rate as when they were first introduced by Trion, and we all know what happened to Trion, further says Gamigo D.G.A.F. about it's Defiance player base and customers; patron or not. As much as I would love another year of attempting to get a QG GA syn shield I will gracefully say **** you and move on.
    Title says it all along with this companies actions.

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    Can confirm... zero shame in their game.

    Which makes sense, because the good they've done for the game is about a zero.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
    Medjed: "Show me a game from the same segment range that doesn’t lose its audience after 7 years of existence."
    Warframe: "Hold our beer."
    Imagine peddling bit store trash rather than fixing the game in 2020.

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    Hey, if there's shame, there is gain right guys? /s

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