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    Do you even care that D13 is unplayable...

    I honestly don't see how anyone is playing at this point. You disconnect after every major and sometimes before you even complete it. In PvP characters are freezing in the air, it's impossible to switch guns, enemies take minutes to render at points or anywhere on the map. Why is this game even running. Oh wait! Gotta get those black Friday sales which is such a scam at this point with the v game. Just turn it off.

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    But they still fix the store in 5 minutes. To scam more people with recycled junk from 4 years ago. I guess the best idea for a job where you literally have to do nothing and make money is buy a running mmo. All you have to do is click the restart/reset button every couple days. No matter how bad it runs ppl will still buy crap.

    Gamingo's Motto: No matter how bad it lags people will still buy crap.

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    the store or DLC bugs not even fixed.. they straight up lied

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decoy303 View Post
    I honestly don't see how anyone is playing at this point.
    And you wouldn't be the only one.
    Defiance 2050 = 2018's worst cash grab. 100% fact.
    Medjed: "There will always be people who will say a game is dead because they either are not good enough at the game..."
    Medjed: "Before we announce the winners please consider that due to no clear information, we couldn’t determine the winners."
    Imagine thinking a recycled event is more important than server performance in 2021.

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    i still play. i have a nice little horde im not ready to give up yet. but haven't spent a dime on defiance in years . i use to buy a couple bits fairly often . but very soon after gamigo took over it was easy to decide to close my wallet .
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    Suck that the game is dead, could have been a good MMORPG to chill on. But Gamigo running it is not the way its going to be able to make its future.

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    The answer to the thread's title is: No.

    To use a political analogy without any intent of making a political statement: you can take a random sampling of 100 liberals and they'd have a higher approval rating for Trump than D13 players do for Gamigo. (with D2050 players not far behind)

    I can't recall witnessing another registered company so brazenly disrespecting their customer base.
    "Technically, we didn't break any rules" -Medjed

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