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    Are you ready to ensure your hunts throughout the cold winter?

    The Arctic Assassin Pack is 15% off during this week to ensure your hunts throughout the cold winter months and chill your enemies’ hearts.

    Arctic Assassin Pack Includes following items:
    • ‘SB-32 Freezer Burn’ detonator
    • ‘ Snowblind Infiltrator ’ Outfit + Headgear
    • Duni Shetarru Racer ‘Avalanche’ Vehicle
    • ‘Arctic Assassin’ and ‘Special Snowflake’ Titles
    • 30-day Patron Pass

    Additionally, for a limited time, save 20% off the Premium Ex Inanis Caches. The following Caches are available:
    • Premium Ex Inanis Supply Cache
    • Premium Ex Inanis Mod Cache
    • Premium Ex Inanis Weapon Cache
    Both deal starts this Monday, January 11, 2021 at 8:00 am PT and ends on Monday, January 17, 2021 at 8:00 am PT.

    What are you waiting for? Hurry up; these deals will melt away with the snow.

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    Is the Nuclear Winter event starting soon?

    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteStrike View Post
    Understand that the players aren't your personal police force that must be looking out for hackers 24/7. That is your job.
    Quote Originally Posted by upper View Post
    Why do they focus on "lesser known bugs" that are not major concerns! Lag and disconnects On the other hand are the two main problems that everyone wants a fix for.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
    Because after 4 years of defiance, if you're still here, then it's not that big of a problem. Right?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarenya View Post
    Thank you for your patient!

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