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    Xbox Achievements Won't Unlock

    The following achievements have always been bugged on Xbox with no recognition from either Trion or Gamingo. Now they're shutting it down.

    Legend of Defiance
    Complete all other achievements

    Key to Paradise
    Max out reputation with 1 faction

    Widely Regarded
    Max out reputation with 4 factions

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    I have asked for them to see if they can delete or unlock them, but so far it seems that they can not! I am only missing these three as well.
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    I had always hoped that they'd get around to fixing them but alas that's a second incomplete Defiance game on my gamercard. I mean the first was my own damn fault of course...

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    I've had the requirements met for over 1.5 years. I'd be nice if they could change the requirements so that maybe they can unlock such as earn 1 point of reputation and earn 1 point with 4 factions just so that maybe they can unlock.

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    Plea to devs

    In the past, developers of games on Xbox have unlocked achievements manually for players, if a patch was not going to work, or maybe wasn't possible at the time for whatever reason, time, money, complexity etc

    If the reason a patch cannot be issued is because of money, there is another way you can help your dedicated players, having some dignity in a last ditch effort before pulling the plug.

    I'm 100%, 343 did it with Halo4. There was a couple of dodgy achievements, perhaps introduced in DLC or maybe DLC caused issue... Can't remember, was like 2014-15.
    They reported manually going through and adding the achievements. It's was said any dev can do this to their own game, just takes time, but they did in stages of thousands.
    The article said 1 man was able to do it.

    One developer who couldn't unlock was Ghostbusters game dev, Terminal Reality, but reason was they didn't have dev code anymore. Apparently there's a code that allows access, so if they transfer between studios sometimes they are locked out. I was told when the Devs moved to another game (StarWars kinect dancing game) they no longer could touch the game and only Atari could do anything.

    With Defiance 2013 on xbox360, some of the achievements didn't unlock, waited months and they were manual unlocked before a patch could take place.
    So it's not like it's not possible.. even with yourselves.

    I may not be able to find the articles anymore online (perhaps if anyone finds proof to post) but over the years Devs have been able to do this, even Trion yourselves.

    So long story short:
    Whilst Trion has access..
    Whilst there isn't that many players to actually unlock these achievements for...
    Whilst there is a month left...

    PLEASE see it in your heart to unlock these achievements manually for the small amount of people who have earnt them!
    It wouldn't take long!

    Looking at this list, Xbox leaderboard for unlocked achievements, there's maybe 30ish.. across the world.
    Obviously this doesn't show everyone... But there's got to be LESS than 100 players, if it was really going to take to unlock, even across platforms.

    If it really can't be done manually,.. what about automatically unlocking for all current players?
    Everyone with linked Trion accounts?
    Please.. before it's too late.

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    The playstation 4 counterpart trophies don't unlock upon achieving the requirements

    as well.
    If the devs can unlock them for the xbox and ps4 players, that would be swell. At least, the game would die with some pride and respect restored for and felt by the players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butcher of Irzu View Post
    as well.
    If the devs can unlock them for the xbox and ps4 players, that would be swell. At least, the game would die with some pride and respect restored for and felt by the players.
    If not for all players then at least for those who met the requirements for unlocking them since the game launched and until before it's laid to rest.

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