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    Unhappy Thanks for the memories

    Hi Arkhunters,

    I wanted to say thank you for all the great memories and awesome friends I made playing Defiance.

    While I was not around at the end (I tried, truly, but the lag was just too much to handle), I will never forget all the fun I had playing this unique and special game while watching the TV show.

    The clan events, the pvp matches (yes, even the hacks), the stalking afkers, and all the WSA shenanigans will always be in my heart.

    Yes it's sappy,and yes I'm actually in tears, but everyone who played early on knows what I'm saying and feeling. The COMMUNITY made this game special and I am so grateful to meet all the great people who played along with us.

    White Sack Angels, Soldiers of Defiance (my second home), Tears of Defiance, Cronus, Chaos Crew, and all the great clans out there in PC-NA-- Love you guys and take care!!!

    Hit me up on Steam--pm me



    White Sack Angels D13 Clan Founder
    WSA clan on 2050 (PC)
    How it all started: Voices of Defiance Podcast

    Destiny2 : Stahma's Brew Crew (Clan Founder)

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    Thank you for the fun times, IrisaWifi.

    - Sincerely,
    Chase Lonehart
    Defiance RP Forums: https://defiancerpforum.freeforums.net/
    In-Game Name: Chase Lonehart
    Feel free to check out my Defiance Fan Fiction Stories:
    Salvage - End of the Road - Defiance RP Forum
    - Chase Lonehart Profile - Iri Sewuel Profile
    Why Gamigo kill MMOs? (YouTube Video)
    Thank you for the fun journey through Paradise and the world of Defiance. Defiant to the End!

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    Bye to Bruno, TickTock, Andy, StingR, CrazyToke and many others. You all hepled me from being an irascible noob to a chilled noob :-) lol. See ya.

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    I would also like to thank everyone with whom I had a good time in D13. Especially I want to mention Martin(best wingman in D13), Lilli aka Bobba(best pyfinder - you know), Heifred(best jumper - fun must be). Apart from the scammers, cheaters and Gamigo I experienced a mutually helpful community of players. In my little D13 world there was no trading. We helped each other with mods, bought from Py or IDR for friends. Simply put: we lived in D13. Thanks again for this time.

    See you again

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