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    Be careful

    Got a big screw you from Gamigo about purchasing bits. While their purchase bits
    for cash works they won't give you any. They won't refund since the game is closing
    soon. Stealing in my book. Why not just turn the feature off so this can't happen.
    Wow! They are desperate for money. LOL What scumbag crooks.
    "It's my disaster friend, not yours."
    "If this isn't a mess, it'll do till one gets here."
    This is TRION here endith the Lesson.
    How do you say Trion in German? Gamigo

    Thanks Tauriiel 6x6k

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    Yet, what is the problem of giving everything for free if it will end soon? These goods are not material.

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    All cash purchases have been disabled starting from February 24, 2021. If you managed to top up Bits after this date please send a request to clarify this issue.

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