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    Why Not Sell The IP?

    Look Gamigo, Since the acquisition, you have been notably trying to get more profit from the players, but considering how the profit from this game has declined significantly due to certain actions, it would be more profitable for you to sell this game in the long run, there are barely any players left, you wouldn't earn much considering you're investment in this game has been lackluster to say the least, from a business standpoint, you have much to earn in selling the IP rather than lose anything at all, l hope you reconsider this.

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    Likewise. I really do hope this is reconsidered.

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    How much an IP cost ? A million ?

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    Wish there could be some rich player who would do a serious talk and buy the game from them.

    Imagine Gamigo being God, lame world would be ended already
    Good bye Defi

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    Perhaps Crowdfunding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oumar View Post
    How much an IP cost ? A million ?
    here in Brazil there was a businessman who paid 1 million for a player to play and the guy ended up being expelled, so I don't doubt a nut buy this bug there LOL

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