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    Quote Originally Posted by OCOMOS TEM View Post
    Right well, firstly the polite thing would've been for at least one person to come and talk to me right? Considering that I had the support of the original Clan Founder, Rooster as well as the clear public support of other ex Browncoats, some of whom opted to join the effort to restore the clan, with so much work put into trying to search out the truth, uncovering the truth, trying to put things right for the reputation of this clan and The Freemasons who were wrongly called responsible and mistreated.

    I know there were Brownocats around. There were reported sightings on Defiance. So not once, did any of them think we ought to talk to this guy who's trying to put things right?

    Secondly, the general consensus was that people were happy with the way things are now? Is that when the truth of what happened to the clan was yet to come out into the light of day? Or was it once the tons of work to uncover it was over?

    In the case of the former, the consensus was that The Freemasons were responsible right? In which case no they weren't it was a trusted Browncoat who was responsible, who the clan founder searched out on his own time irl, without others knowing. In which case if people were fine with how it was, how it was turned out to be untrue, thus things have changed.

    In the case of the latter, once more, no one thought to tell me. The guy who poured so much time and effort into uncovering the truth?

    In what way are these things right?
    What can I say, I have no personal issues with what happened and merely passed on information I heard/read, no one asked me to and from what I heard no one is interested in what you are trying to do.
    What happened happened, the remaining clan members are happy with things as they are hence why no one has replied to you here.

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    Reply to Bentu:

    "What can I say, I have no personal issues with what happened and merely passed on information I heard/read"

    which is appreciated. thank you

    "no one asked me to and from what I heard no one is interested in what you are trying to do"

    well sure no ex Browncoats still playing Defiance offered support, tho other ex Browncoats and people of the community have, including original Browncoats members who no longer play Defiance.

    "What happened happened"

    what happened was that a 3,000 strong clan crumbled to nothing with many in the belief the Freemasons clan was responsible, until the truth came out.

    What happened happened yes. Though what happened was not what they thought happened.

    "the remaining clan members are happy with things as they are hence why no one has replied to you here."

    okay it just comes over as a touch impolite considering the truth was uncovered for them. Through the work of others.

    Where is the public thanks to the first founder Rooster, for everything he put into uncovering the truth?

    for myself a cheers or a thank you was what i was expecting. getting blanked out was not. If they wanted the clan left in the past, coming and telling me that was the right thing.

    What is the problem with one or two of them just having a chat with me?

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    I only started playing Defiance a few weeks ago and decided to look on the forums for clans. As this thread was at the top I naturally investigated. As I made my way through the pages the story that developed was disheartening. I would have loved to join this clan before this happened. It's amazing the level of dedication a number of it's members showed while trying to maintain some sort of order. Though no one may care, I personally think it's amazing. Any online community should be so lucky to have a founder willing to go to such extremes. And Tem, such loyalty, it's amazing. To watch for years, and delivering this message in the hopes it reaches those who were affected by all this. You are a great person, as is the founder. It may be strange but, I thank you for everything you've done. I don't think I could stand it if no one bothered to at least say those words, even a stranger.

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    thank you Amateras for your words on this. it means much to me.

    i apologise for my response to you coming so many months on from the point you made your post, tho i pretty much walked out on this whole thing some time ago.

    To put so much work into something, with no true contact with the Browncoats to show for it.*it was a touch thing.

    The thing is tho, in the course of restoring my login information to reply to your post, i found messages in my inbox for these forums, including the message to come and my response to it.

    thank you Amteras, your post meant i came across the message.

    thanks you

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    My GT is DaBootyGetta I am the acting founder for the Browncoats.I have been founder for several years now.I was made founder when JackAcidoo decided to leave the clan.He was given control of the clan by Rooster. Their is still a few of us playing but not like we use to.I myself havnt been around a lot the last year.I had several leaders and officers helping with recruitment.It seems everyone left including the last founder when Destiny came out.He left and took everyone with him except a handfull of us.Their is still a few of my people that play but so many people grew tired of the game and all its problems with nothing ever being fixed by Trion. I knew just a little of the problems with the website being robbed from what Jack told me. Jack wasn't one to talk about those type things. I would be willing to talk to you if you are interested in trying to get the clan on its feet.I never knew you were trying to do this or I would have talked with you.What you are trying to do is appreciated.There is not many clan members who play except for special events anymore.It would be nice to see people back in the clan and the clan doing well.When we were organized we would take over the game with the only competition being the Freemasons who were a distant second.Thanks !!
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    Re: Browncoats

    thank you for this,

    i apologise for this response coming so long after you clearly messaged me, tho i pretty much walked out on this whole thing some time ago. To put so much work into something, with nothing much in the way of contact with the Browncoats to show for it.

    Today i checked up on the Browncoats thread on the forums for the first time in a while, where a stranger Amateras had posted a message thanking Rooster and myself for working to uncover the truth. To respond to his kind words, i restored my login information to reply on the post, whereupon i saw my inbox message notifications.

    It's good to hear that you appreciated what i was trying to carry out. It was a while ago that i walked out on this whole thing, tho with time i'm sure the weight of your words will make their way through the paths of my mind, to the person i was, when i was a person who would have celebrated your words.

    When it comes to Defiance, i've moved on to other things pretty much. While i wouldn't have the time to try to restore things for The Browncoats on Defiance much myself, I plan to uphold its memory some other way, through other works.

    Whatever the case, it would be my pleasure to talk to you more, to work out what Browncoats went where, and perhaps we can link up with them to create a shared conversation, if not to restore the Browncoats on Defiance, to then recreate the sense of community that once existed for these people as Browncoats together.

    I can of course supply some support to you if you wish to strengthen the Browncoats on Defiance.

    Whichever path you wish to take, I'll attempt to message you on xbox too.

    thank you for your words



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