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    I can't beat the 'last' boss.

    At first I was getting my *** kicked on the first phase until I started cheesing the fight with a BMG and being patient. Then the second phase began. My god, this boss is ridiculous. The whole game I've been forced to fight behind cover and retreat when enemies advance because of how much damage they deal with such great accuracy.
    Suddenly, Defiance throws all of my tactics out the window with Nim, rendering my Stealth power and related perks worthless as he dances around me like a cyber-ninja, blasting me with splash-damaging shots and running at me at full force in a tiny arena and what I could only describe as patronizing sets of "cover".

    I've been incredibly patient with this game, from my character's paper-like defenses to the marginal sense of progression regarding weapons and shields, but this guy has broken my back over his freaking knee. I'm completely thrown out of my element with this boss and I just don't feel masochistic enough to keep trying.

    I guess I'll just do the other content until something changes.

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    It is kind of a dumb fight. My first attempt I got my *** kicked in two seconds flat. But then I just figured to keep moving and never stand still for more then a second. The fight takes forever but it can be done. I use AR/Shotgun combo and it worked, but there might be better options.

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    To put it bluntly, learn to play.

    I kicked his *** on my FIRST TRY with nothing but overcharge and a pump shotgun at Ego 350. Don't cry to Trion to have him gimped any more to where if you so much as blow on him, he'll fall over and die.

    The pillars are your greatest ally, use them and roll dodge plenty.

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    Keep strafing around him when he's zipping around. When the clones come out, it's sorta luck as far as hitting the right one, but it does make a different sound when you're hitting the real one. When he does his big attacks, in second and third stages, duck behind something till after the blast and then run out and shoot him. Third stage I found it easiest to dance around the center pillar, then go back behind one of the side pillars when the crystals pop up.

    I got a nice shotgun right before that fight and ended up using it. Good burst damage without a lot of aiming to take quick advantage of his openings.

    Don't try to rush the fight.

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    I also beat him on my first try, but I think it was a pretty good fight overall. Use perks like Fortitude, Failsafe, Cellular Armor, Thick Skinned, and Escape Artist.

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    hey there I can see many people struggling with that boss to be honest the only advice I can give u is just take your time with it and learn the tack and try things out. I didn't have to much trouble with him tack wise but I did have trouble doing it on my pc I am forced to use at the moment its an old duel core with SD ram sigh !! so I kind of feel your pain basically 1st phase I just ran sideways a lot and popped him with a shotgun 2nd phase I just used 1 of the columns to take cover and kill an used cloak ego if things took a turn for the worse, 3rd phase I used the centre ring (the spire) and just killed him running around that, but thats about it the rest u will just have to learn.

    just to add my girlfriend did him last night (on her good pc) sigh ! and she only used a BMG for all 3 phases and she pissed all over the fight ridiculously easy did the 1st phase 1 shot 2nd phase 2 shot and 3rd phase 4 shots yes she whooped it with ease with a healing gun took less than an hour lol

    so I suggest anyone struggling with the last boss fight to use a bmg, dps and heal ur self up lol happy hunting

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    Boss is super easy to beat, just roll around, I don't think he even broke my shield across all 3 phases... His moves are massively easy to predict, and therefore stupidly easy to dodge.

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    L2play.. It's an easy fight and it only takes a bit to learn his rotation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Important45 View Post
    L2play.. It's an easy fight and it only takes a bit to learn his rotation.
    It's not an easy fight.

    It's tedious and challenging.

    I had a blast with it. But it's not easy.

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