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    Rollers rank 20 Runners rank 19

    So been hearing a lot about the rank resting to 1 will the dev/GMs rank us back up to rank 20 if it resets?

    As you can understand I am a bit worried as well yeah, unless I want to run around after today one of my stats are going to end up having to bite the bullet as the saying goes.

    Anyone know what's the deal? would help me out alot!

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    I had a different issue.

    Never hit rank 20, but now my Runners are rank 17 (from 13), my Rollers are rank 4 (from 15) and my Cerberus is rank 6 (from 0)

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    So... do I need to start walking everywhere?

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    I hope they do give back my levels but the support response did not sound convincing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurcheus View Post
    I hope they do give back my levels but the support response did not sound convincing.
    Basically this. I got a response from a GM that screamed of copy-paste on their support page. Waiting on another response as it didn't really answer my question.

    I am pessimistic though. Doubt I'm going to get all my levels given back to me
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    I Had a different issue as well. I stopped using runners when I hit 19 and havent touched them since.

    All of a sudden I noticed my runners were still leveling up and then they hit 20 and decided to reset to 1 after a couple of days. I got kinda annoyed about it.

    Thank god its still only a slight annoyance as getting it back up to 20 isnt really that much of a problem and will only take a few days.
    Nonetheless loosing "work" is not really fun tho

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