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    Best Free-Roam/Open-World Game of all time?

    Of course, this being Defiance: an open world video game, it provoked me to create this thread.

    The Elder Scrolls (Series)
    Sleeping Dogs
    The Amazing Spider-Man
    BioShock Infinite (from what I have heard.)

    Opinions please.
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    Rift Online

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    Final Fantasy 3 (6)
    Red Dead Redemption
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    Red Dead Redemption
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    Probably Sleeping Dogs.
    And Skyrim.

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    Darkfall comes tomorrow.

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    Red dead redemption
    Assasins creed
    Batman arkham city

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    Main Awards:
    GTA IV (The illusion of a working system was amazing)
    Morrowind/Oblivion/Skyrim (Varied locals, believable characters and lore etc.)
    Fallout New Vegas (I found fallout 3 to be too rigid and many of the characters were in your face too much.)
    Red Dead Redemption (Do I need to explain?)
    Saints Row 1-3 (Again, large locales heaps of secrets and side missions to do, and once your done with that just shoot rockets everywhere XD)
    Test Drive Unlimited 1/2 (Huge maps lots of stuff to find and rewards for just cruising, what's not to like? XD)
    Dead Island (loot dropping, zombie killing, mission getting fun, now if only it had random events *o*)
    Demon/Dark Souls (Hard as balls, very vague direction, and due to that and the character classes, many different paths to follow)
    Cave Story (Belongs here but has little to do upon returning to many areas)
    Borderlands (Come-on, you thought I forgot about these?)
    APB [Reloaded] (Open world match based PvP, ram raids, mugging, and coppers galore)
    Space Pirates and Zombies [SPAZ] (for an Indie, top down, space combat game this game had a ridiculous amount of content and exploration to do.)
    Far Cry 1/2/3 (No explanation needed)

    Honourable mentions:

    Assassin's creed (Locales are too restricted to /really/ call it an open world game (AC1 excluded, the open world in that was badass))
    Early Final Fantasy games (3-6) (7 onwards set you on a rigid path, and while you could roam once you got each game's airship/rocket/dragon thing it was usually only to challenge end-game bosses and talk to villagers XD)
    Planetside 2 (Open world but not really free-roam as there is very little to do outside shooting at other players)
    Prince of Persia 2008 (controversial choice I know, but it does have quite a bit of roaming and extra stuff to do)

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    Nitpicking, but Bioshock Infinite is far from being freeroam, good game, but not at all open-world/free roam. Anyway.

    Final Fantasy 6/3
    Fallout New Vegas (and 3)
    GTA: San Andreas
    Red Dead Redemption
    Dead Island
    Arkham City (and I'm sure Arkham Origins will be amazing too)

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    The Amazing Spider-Man

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