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    Time trials and Hotshot missions r too hard

    Many of the later time trials and hot shots need to be made much easier so that more then just the super badass players can actually do them.... spent over 3 hours trying to do the mine alley time trial and got screwed out of even bronze 9/10 times cause i didnt have enough time and the atv doesnt handle or turn for crap. not everyone is a pro racer that can do this stuff, my runner skill is maxed (and possibly bugged since my skill is 39 and i can see no stats) and i find it next to impossible to do some of these time trials

    After the bolinas sniper hotshot challenge i never want to use a sniper again...ever. that mission was bs enemies moved constantly, often hid out of line of sight for minutes at a time forcing my multiplier to reset, didnt have enough ammo, multiplier reset far too quickly im using a sniper not a mini gun i need a reasonable amount of time to set of my shot since i need to conserve ammo.

    The moonshine shack shotgun one also fails miserably really a hulker i cant ever get bronze by the time he shows up and ammo isnt always returned on each kill like its supposed to be (possible bug) and god forbid you can sprint or roll in these missions and enemies actually MISSING every now and then cant have that must hit u on every shot and shoot you through buildings >_<

    All in all not everyone is good enough to do these missions theres a difference between challenging and rewarding and next to impossible and frustrating beyond words. If this game was P2P i would quit solely because of the insane difficulty of some of these missions.

    Theres my rant feeling much better now

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    I do not believe most of these missions are too difficult. I consider myself an average player. I have eyesight issues that carry over into most shooters, this one included, and sometimes am completely terrible at sighting targets quickly, or aiming accurately. My personal issues aside, I have currently silvered every single challenge, and I have earned the black charger from earning a gold on each race.

    These CAN be done with practice, and patience. They are not supposed to be easy, they are challenges. Anything that takes a player out of their comfort zone can be an incredible challenge, forcing challenges to be done with a specific gun type, and a specific gun, emphasize the use of skill instead of stat gains. You become good at the challenge BY doing the challenge, and while some people are going to struggle much more than others with certain tasks, that does not make them incompletable by any means, nor do I think it would be fair for the difficulty to be adjusted.

    I understand your frustration. Truly I do, but in this instance, from what I have personally seen and experienced, I think it would be a very bad idea to scale down the challenges and make them easier...with the exception of the chicken one. THAT one is a little much.

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    Be patient.

    Space out your kills more evenly, to maintain your multiplier.

    Coloured chickens restore ammo.

    Try tapping A and D rather than holding, when you need more finesse.

    Use Boost on hills rather than the flat.

    Never leave your Boost bar full.

    Pay attention to the shape of hills and obstacles. The shape of an incline can be the difference between launching over the next hill, or having to drive up and down it.

    If you want to restart, just E off your vehicle at any time.

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    I had no issue getting silver on most mission first time. Gold, well that should be hard to get...
    My only issue is the lag stealing my gold times by adding 3-6 seconds when my clock compares to the server clock.

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    already know all the best ways to do the trials my boost bar is never full not about what im doing, about the fact that the game seems designed to screw you as many times as possible at key moments, such as when u run over a blade of grass and end up spinning out or hit a hill at the perfect angel and and go in a totally different direction or run into in invisible monarch and explode -_-

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    Although I have at least silver in all the hotshot / rampage challenges for the zone completion pursuits, and Gold for time trials, which was hard with time added, I do agree that some things could to be tweeked a bit.
    Some of the rings are placed in very challenging areas, either on top of barricades or rocks or in the middle of areas where large enemies (mostly bugs) spawn.
    Also with the hotshots, especially the sniper challenges, enemies often move to areas where it is either hard to target (can only see a foot) or impossible to target.
    Anyway my tips for the racing would be to try and memorize where the boost rings are and keep a little boost in reserve for just before you hit that ring so you can string together a long boost. Also, as mentioned, save a bit for that uphill burst or a tight turn to get you moving fast.
    With the hotshots and rampage practice makes perfect.
    Remember spawn locations and orders, position yourself in the ideal spot. Often for rampage there is a "sweet spot" that protects your body while still being able to shoot them (walling).
    With hotshot, multipliers are the key, try and kill the "little ones" as much with one shot and save the "big ones" till last to maximise your bonus.
    If need be watch a few videos on YouTube, maybe that will give you a better idea of what others are doing to complete them.

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    I usually use half my boost in the non-boost stretches and save them for parts I know I will slow down on. I also try not to get unnecessary air time because your speed will diminish the longer your in the air. I have noticed the clock is off by abit but I only concern myself getting gold. Bloodbath Gorge was a pain.

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    I like the fact it takes me multiple tries to get a gold instead of having it handed to me. Games don't give that sense of accomplishment anymore.

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    I don't do anything that involves a timer, tried some of the first ones, failed all of course, too hard for me. Already takes me forever to do all the normal missions.

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    It really is just practice. Particular missions are going to be harder and easier depending on your skill set. I had a heck of a time with Rampage: Hamburger Hill and my buddy breezed through with Gold on his second try. On the Chicken mission, I got gold on my second try, he spent almost 2 hours trying to complete it. Challenges are what they say they are, challenges. Having the server add time onto your time trial is a server bug of some sort and I can't stand it, but I know it will get fixed soon. Patience is all I can preach for now. Perhaps instead of asking them to nerf the challenges, maybe asking the many other people who have completed them for tips on those specific challenges might be a better course of action? I'm sure a lot of these frustrations will be easier to handle once they have some actual in game chat to ask for advice of other players.

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