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    EMC XAR-22 Assdault rifle

    EMC XAR-22 Assault rifle*
    Is it worth keeping? I have a few purples maxed out in exp so does this mean find a better one or does it evolve as u level into the higher ego tiers?

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    Just sell tbh, weapon quality (i.e green, blue, legendary) has no worth since their damage are always the same. What you need to ask yourself is what item to replace your old weapon with? (i.e firing mechanism)

    It's synergies are not worth spending your time getting.

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    Pretty sure that's Nolan's gun that he gives you, isn't it? I'm keeping it simply for that.

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    It has a couple of good bonuses attached, particularly the grenade reload bonus. It stands up as a decent assault rifle. There are plenty of better ARs out there.

    And rarity does matter. Regardless of slots, the number of bonus stats on a weapon usually corresponds to its rarity. If your weapon reloads itself or has less fall-off damage or a higher magazine, your DPS will go up. It's just not as simple as seeing the damage number stat rise.

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    Ahh so fallout + or - is better? I havent seen any - fallout bonuses yet so idk

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    I kept it just because it has 4 open slots and my legendary AR only has 2. That said, it will get scrapped when I get a better drop. I don't think there is a lot of support for getting too attached to specific items in this game.

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    It's as good as any other epic until you get 1600+ EGO and start finding better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tstar420 View Post
    Ahh so fallout + or - is better? I havent seen any - fallout bonuses yet so idk
    I believe "+ falloff damage" is better. This bonus means that you do better damage at range.

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    What do you mean by support, exactly? They may have Nolan come back in a later episode mission and inquire about his gun (Which I would love to see) and have how the mission, or scene progresses based on whether or not you still had the gun. Also, as you level up in ego, you can add the mod slots to your gun. Starts out with one, then two, etc. Up to the maximum of four.

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    It's a solid, 4 mod slotted gun with a grenade cooldown bonus. It's not the best rifle in existence, but it's far from the worst one, especially given how early in the game you can snag it.

    Plus, as mentioned, the nostalga factor is a nice plus.

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