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    amristice lanterns for boming victims

    when i found out what the lanterns were for i lit them for the bombing victims from today. would you join me in doing so for the same reason?

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    Hell yeah I would. I've been lighting every single one I find.

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    I have too every single one possible
    Cut ties with trion 100% and now surfing forums for people looking for their out off the wagon of trions aftermath. Pm me for details

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    Informed of unplayablity with content and game.
    Refunded for season pass
    Sold defiance to GameStop for $7.00 and put it towards gta 5
    Contacted better business to inform of trions shady dealings.

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    Such a terrible thing in Boston - I feel for all those tragic victims especially in a place where people should feel they are safe to do as they please. It just brings back the fear of the Twin Towers which is a scar of pain that can never be lifted from many hearts globally.

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    I have been doing the same.

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    Same here man, first thought that came into my mind. Glad you've all had this idea. Thoughts go out to the people of Boston!

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