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    Ode To the Children of Cyberworld

    Ohhh the children of cyber world
    Your crying begins to make me hurl

    Your gripes and complaints are o so boring
    YOU WRITE IN CAPS it gets annoying

    You destroy the game with accusations
    You broadcast destruction on every station

    You yell to everyone the sky is falling
    You cry everytime the servers stalling

    You need to get your priorities straight
    Life doesn't revolve around game state

    You butcher opinions and stuff alike
    Its doubted you'll every maintain a wife

    Your usually children without any patience
    Its hard to believe you can retain relations

    You need to realize theres much more to life
    Get a dog or find a wife

    You become one with the computer screen
    As long as it functions you feel serene

    The second it doesn't your face explodes
    You scream the game will soon implode

    You b*tch and moan about the game
    Funny a week later its still the same

    So head my warning and read my lips
    You can't make babies with computer chips

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    There once was a squirrel on a forum,
    who hated its posting decorum.

    To counter whine
    a poem he did opine.

    but all it did was just bore em.

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