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Thread: Synergy Math

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    Synergy Math

    I'm just going over this to make sure I have this right, because most synergies seem to give negligible benefits. So lets take Assassin for example and the 2% crit dmg synergy, say with a Bolt Action sniper with a flat 1000 dmg and x3.0 crit multiplier. A crit (not taking the target's damage reduction into consideration) would likely give you 3000 dmg, so 2% of that is 60 bonus dmg for a 2 piece synergy. Is this correct?

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    Seems right although what I wonder is when the % increases happen compared to the other things.

    For instance things that add X seconds to Ego powers in addition to % durations of Ego powers. Does the % come before or after the X seconds duration bonus is added? When you start stacking potentially 4-5 of these types of bonuses, it can really add up (or not quite so much).
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    Also, I'm curious if you get bonuses from both guns at the same time, or only the one that you are currently using.

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