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    Competitive multiplayer glitch?

    So I was playing PvP and the match just started. I died once then I respawned right away. As I was running around, I noticed the enemy team wasn't shooting at me. They would just walk by like I wasn't even there! Was I invincible? Or did they just see me as a friend? Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Senior Member Wooisme's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
    Never happen to me, but then what happen? You start shooting them, as a ghost?

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    they probably recognised your name and dident see u as a threat lol. they just probably busy not looking at map.

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    Actually, I shot them and they ran. They would try to shoot me as I just stood there, but their bullets went right through my character.

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    Ive seen people like that. Mostly at Freightyard though. Guy went 24/1 cause no one could see or hurt him.

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