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Thread: Replay story??

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    It does I believe reset your DLC 1 Castithan Liro arena progress... Pursuits should remain unaffected. The days of Pursuits resetting (I got close to the first level 1000 kills at Major Arkfalls several times...) are hopefully LONG over... *touches a whole forest of wood*
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    crap job

    Quote Originally Posted by David Do0M View Post
    How do you figure? Trion Worlds announced that they were pushing back the release of any DLC until they were satisfied that the bugs were all rectified.(which I think is a smart move) So how exactly does blame fall upon Microsoft's shoulders? Why does blame even need to come into play? Trion Worlds took on a rather lofty task in bringing an MMO to the Xbox 360, something no one else had been able to do before. You had to know, even expect, that there would be bugs/glitches/server errors. Instead of deciding whom to point the finger at, let's just be thankful that they had the fortitude and forward thinking to make correcting these problems a higher priority than adding more content to a game that still has issues.
    To bad they never followed up on even ONE of these forward thinking things you so proudly mentioned!

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    Thanks for this info. I was wondering what happens when you go to Replay storyline

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    Is it just me, or does the Defiance Forum feature a lot of powerful necromancers?


    It's the side effect of a slow forum.

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