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Thread: LF Clan

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    LF Clan

    Hi All.
    Looking for a clan that is Aussie/Oceanic based or has a large presence here. I play very casual (due to work) and dont plan to PVP.

    If you have a spot for one more lost sole let me know

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    Hey brother.

    [TAW] have opened up our Defiance division we've got over 1300 members over 29 different games with teamspeak.. go to www.taw.net or just log into teamspeak and msg 1 of us in the Defiance channel.. Or look for guys with [DF] tag ..

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    We are not Aussie based but we are very casual as long as your 18+ and have vent we only have about 50 members and dont plan to get huge but we are growing. Check us out by clicking the link in my sig
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