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Thread: New bug?

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    New bug?

    So yeah...Logged off at 1710 Ego. Logged in and was 1864 and magically obtained 27 ego units...Anyone else experience this?

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    no..what i exp is my perks being deleted every game and me having to re equip them..OMG I RAGE SO HARD..FIX

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    Yeah looks like it's hit a ton of people if not everyone... People in game were standing around like a bunch of confused turkeys blindly shooting

    Weapon/vehicle skills appear to be screwed up too, in addition to being put into the lawkeeper outfit.

    I'm not gonna play 'til I know what's going on. Hopefully a server rollback will sort it out...

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    My account wasn't affected by this...Probably because I wasn't online when it happened since I was eating dinner lol

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    Check your pursuits. They may have updated something with them.

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    all of a sudden I have 31 ego units to spend, and pretty much every one of my weapon skills are messed up, ones that were higher are lower, ones I never worked yet are higher

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    I suddenly have 79 EGO points to spend

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