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    How do you upgrade your vehicle?? Do you just drive it around? i.e. to get more boost

    I have heard you can upgrade your vehicle boost and speed etc. Is this true, if so how?

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    You got it. Drive, drive, drive....

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    Do jumps, run mobs over. Below your vehicle it has like a bar, that's your exp bar for it until the next level.

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    I find mowwing down Groups of skitterbugs.mutants etc helps a lot thats always where ive had my level up (my quad is leveling up a helluva a lot faster than my Assault rifle).

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    Sweet, thanks dudes. I'll get rolling over some raiders and bugs later on.

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    if you start aegis part 1 i believe tons of skitterlings spawn. It is near the bottom left. i jst kept running them over.

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    Also, do 360's and tricks! (No Lie)

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    for me (runners twice 20 {cause once got reset bug} and rollers 20):

    run over guys, run over hell bugs, run over everything! fasted way for leveling your vehicles, and I always changed my cars within the category, dont know if this really matters

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