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    Defiance needs to be on next gen consoles.

    Defiance as is on current consoles could be better...

    Framerates, quality, and other issues (AI, etc) kinda make this game look a bit sketchy on consoles.

    On the PS4 and 720, Defiance should release as a full version (with the season pass DLC included) and it should have a Season 2 pass (an additional 5 expansions for the game) to increase gameplay value.

    Or you guys could make Defiance 2.

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    Already stated in the Q&A two weeks ago they would be looking at or somehow considering a port to Next-gen consoles. I would guess that due to the lack of available information on exactly what those system capabilities are as of yet, Trion can't really get a foothold on the process just yet.

    The other consideration is this: Just because a new system comes out, your old one doesn't cease function. They might not move the game at all- and who could blame them? It would be like launch all over again.... I'd pass on that stress, personally. By the time next-gen consoles hit the market, Defiance will have a massive playerbase. No sense in potentially alienating some players.

    Just my two cents.
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