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    weapon level up bonus

    i have noticed that certin weapons that i leveled there bonuses seem to change anyone else notice this?

    example my votan auto shoty the one with scavanger synergy you get from rep vendor used to have a leveled up bonus of 4% self revive on kill now today it has a kick *** ability of 30% speed boost on full reload for 5 seconds! so do some weapons randomly change or is this another bug? i hope it dont change again best ability i have seen yet..

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    Dunno never bought one yet but DAMN that is pretty cool 30% speed boost on full reload for 5 seconds. Am so jealous of your gun now

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    also notice my purple assault rifle changed a few days ago used to have a leveled up bonus of extra reload now its says it does 10% extra dmg when shooting enemies in the back nice combo with sucker punch perk

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    nobody else has seen this happen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brute View Post
    nobody else has seen this happen?
    I want to say I've read about this in other sections of the forums but I can't remember specifically where. Perhaps try in regular General Discussion?

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    Double post

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    I was pretty sure this happened to me.
    Had x1.something crit hit now its a lousy less recoil ability.
    But I was drunk that night so I though I'd read wrong. Ur not alone

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    You may be talking abt the weapon bonus u get from maxin xp bar in which case every gun gets that there random and I believe purple and orange get best max bonuses sense there rare.

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    I'm on the NA PC version and I have 2 guns I've noticed this on. My starting Autopistol which changes between a melee bonus and a magazine bonus (though the number in the magazine doesn't seem to change even when displaying that) and a green sawed off scattergun which is a cannot trade weapon. I am wondering if it has something to do with the weapon's that can't be traded. If someone has a different gun that Can be traded that this is happening on then please post here. If we can confirm that it's only happening on weapons that can't be traded then that might help the people at Trion to eventually fix it.

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    I'm sure my purple 3 burst combat shotgun earned some bonuses on the way up to the XP cap.

    I'll have to check around.
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