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    Multiple Monitors?

    Everytime I start the client it seems like I have only a 1 in 10 shot of the game actually starting, since I have two monitors. It flashes, sometimes kicks me back to the desktop, and other times enters a flashing cycle I can only escape by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE to get the lock screen to come up and interrupt.

    Can this please be addressed? I would love to be able to just jump into the game without committing 5-10 minutes of retrying a relaunch of the client over and over again. It works fine if I disable one of my monitors, but please don't expect that's a viable solution now that the game is released. It takes a lot of work to set up windows, settings, icons etc across all my screens just the way I like them.

    I'm not trying to play the game across multiple monitors, and when I finally do manage to get it to start, it plays mostly fine. C'mon guys, even Peggle Deluxe supports starting on a system with multiple monitors Surely y'all can figure it out too..

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    Hey there, what brand graphics card do you have? I have an ATi Radeon and I combined all the monitors on the card to operate as one through the ATi Catalyst software. I know there's a function for nVidia cards too, but I don't know how to work it.

    Also, have you tried setting your desktop scheme to Windows Basic? That tends to fix accelerator crashes.

    Good luck!

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    dude it wont work. period

    you can not play full screen mode with an extra monitor. i uninstalled the monitor drives and it works fine, you might find a program online to help make it work, but windowed mode is the only way it worked for me. i spent days trying.

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    Yes you can (generally speaking) play full screen with dual monitor set up. If not the issue is with your set up.

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    I have a NVidia 9800 GS. I run two HW173D 17 inch wide screen monitors. I have no problem with defiance. I have no problem watching a movie on my 2nd monitor while playing defiance either. Works all good for me, there must be some other issue at work for the OP.

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    I run dual 24-inch monitors on a GTX 570 HD. No serious issues. (though I do wish there was a fullscreen windowed option)

    Only minor issue I have is that sometimes video that I have playing on the other monitor will freeze when I load up, but if I alt-tab a few times it works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melancholy_dienasty View Post
    you can not play full screen mode with an extra monitor. i uninstalled the monitor drives and it works fine, you might find a program online to help make it work, but windowed mode is the only way it worked for me. i spent days trying.
    Ummm. I'm going to chalk this one up to ignorance.

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    Some more info on your setup would help, windows version, gfx card setup, monitors.

    I had a similar issue with a game in the past, in that case the game refused to accept my main display as the primary and would always try an load on my second monitor. If you have forced a resolution / refresh rate in the game that the monitor can't support you would get the symptom you describe.

    As this game doesn't have an issue with 2 monitors, I play with 2 all have done since beta, only issue i has was with the 120Hz settings menu bug. I would assume it is a problem with your setup.

    Do a clean driver install, use drivercleaner or something similar, to completely remove any ruminants of your old drivers, then re install.

    There was a free program out there that used to back up your desktop icon location so that if they changed, ie during driver install you could recover them, cant for the life of me remember the name though.

    FYI I have windows set to ectend my desktop, my main display an Asus 3d monitor is 1920 x 1080 (recommended) and 120Hz, display 2 is a sammy syncmaster at 1680 x 1050 (rec) and 60Hz.
    Main gfx card is a GTX570, with a gtx 280 as phys X
    windows 7 64bit OS

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    I have a GeForce GTX 675M card with the latest drivers (314.22 dated 4/23/2013) (and when I reinstalled them last I did a clean install) I'm running Windows 7 on an Alienware M17XR4, 16GB Ram, SSD Drives

    I do play in full screen, however it's a chore to get the game to start. I'll login the updater, and it'll update then get to patch info with the "Play" button, and when I press that button, hilarity ensues.

    Sometimes, the game will outright start and I'll feel like I've won the lottery. More often than not, the screen will do one of two other things.

    The most common occurrence is both monitors will blank, then the non-used monitor will come on, and the used monitor will stay black. At this point I may or may not see a white square appear briefly, if I do it's usually a sign I'm getting closer to having one of my retry attempts work. The square will disappear in either case, and then I'll either hear the start music and see the Trion animated logo, or the screen will flash.

    If the screen flashes, it will either enter a looping flash cycle that will prevent keyboard input while the screen is black, flashing between a partial desktop and nothing, while the other non-used monitor sits there showing it's image just fine. If that happens, I have to spam CTRL+ALT+DELETE to catch the 200ms gap of acceptable user input and make it switch to Task Manager, at which point, the Defiance Client bails and I can retry.

    Otherwise, it flashes 4 or 5 times, and then sends me back to the desktop, at which point I can retry.

    It DOES work in full screen WITH multiple monitors for sure with my setup, but unless you're very persistent, the typical user would abandon the process somewhere along the 5th-7th minute of trying I would imagine. (I'm fairly persistent)

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