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    Beta Key For Everyone... Thanks to IGN!!

    If you want a Beta Key... just click on the link... the only thing you may have to do is create an IGN account


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    Good find. But someone already posted this same thread
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    oh whoops! Sorry

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    it was me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikbeezy View Post
    it was me
    Sorry... didn't see your post... but more people know the better

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    Hopefully most people got their code from preordering, but if IGN's give-away increases the player base upon release, I'm ALL for it!

    Are there any semi-official estimates on players who have preordered? Are we talking tens of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of players by the premier of the show?

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    I don't know of any estimates... but I will be promoting it on my YouTube channel... so hopefully that will get them thousands more preorders!

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    I posted this at like 6 in the morning central time... Tyvm

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