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    Some of these bugs are fun... could they be hidden pursuits?

    So, it's no secret Defiance is buggier than a nest of ants, but lets be honest, a couple of these bugs are so fun arch hunters activily seek them out. Things like the pinball glitch and the bouncing-chrysalis can be unreasonable fun, especially when you aren't expecting them, and defenitly when they don't effect gameplay. So i ask, could we get secret, hidden pursuits which are earned by finding these then called "Bugs"?

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    The pinball and bouncing chrysalis aren't bugs or glitches though. That is how the game mechanics work.

    Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?
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    man try it at the first bace you come to you can shoot into the air on the basic npc qwod bikes xD

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