I know a lot of you are going through the kill resets, the lag, the boost buys stealing your bits, the LONG waits for pursuits to finally work, never getting to play Freight Yard, losing weapons, server crashes, and many other things when it comes to Defiance.

I feel you. I've played Beta and been a day 1 Ultimate Edition (yes I know the pain of Ultimate Edition too) and endured it all with you. I hear shouts of $60 being a waste for a game, but I ask why? You bring some date out to eat and spend $40+ that night but go home alone - was that a waste? (To some yes, to others its normal) How many games are on your shelf collecting dust that cost $60? Mine are all $90+ because I buy CE or UE. We all choose to spend our money on things we "expect" to happen or "expect" to feel - its human nature.

Many folks troll the forums - "Pitchforks and Torches" demanding money back and saying this is a horrible game. Is it really horrible? Hell, with the amount of hours I've spent grinding pursuits I'm surprised my SO is still with me. Does it get repetitive? Oh GODS, how many of you have grinded a BMG past L10 or completed the 50,000 kills - of course its repetitive, its a game.

I know there are a lot of issues with pursuits and people are always saying "I put in an issue to bugs and feedback, why aren't I getting anything back?" You have to look at Trion like a business, not a name. They have different departments for certain things. Try submitting an issue under "Mission" instead, and try to keep the flaming down in the messages and give as much detail as possible to the actual problem.

Ah, back to the money problems. I'll be blunt - those that ***** about $60 are small time - either ask for a raise in your allowance, get a job, or quit spending money on things that only entertain for a little while. I've dropped around $800-$900 on bits/boosts as well as getting friends season passes and the game - my choice I know (Begin trolling now).

This game has all kinds of issues still, but the one thing it doesn't lack is "having things to do". You could beat the game in a weekend if you skip side missions, add a day or two if you don't. So you think you beat the game with 104 pursuits + episode stuff? A way to make the game more enjoyable is playing with many or a few friends and set your goals per day. Say 50-150 EGO a day and you want to work on one of the combat pursuits. Make them simple goals, but ones you can enjoy - I know I enjoyed how long it took to kill a hulker with 4 BMGs.

This new age everyone wants what they expect and complain when its not, but fail to talk about the little things (elemental hellbugs) that Trion brings to Defiance. Its a new genre on the console and they have my applause for that. They will pull the band-aids off sooner or later and it will be one of the better games for console. We just can't throw in the towel - those that want to leave, be gone - will be less people in vehicles at arkfalls and a stronger community of like-minded people.