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Thread: Racing Gold

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    Racing Gold

    For those of you with gold medal time trials, any tips to help improve my time? Did you wait until your skill was maxed out?

    So far I have just been trying the trials over and over until I get angry. At which point I find the nearest hellbug and shoot it in the face. Although it does make me feel better, it hasn't actually helped with the trial time.

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    much easier when you level up your quad. my runner is at level 17/18 and I'm going back now and getting golds very easily.
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    I have gold in all including the new Dodge race.

    Advice... wait until your runner is at least level 17. The extra stats are needed. More important, remember there is a certain level of luck involved with these races. With the invisible "lag induced" map popups you are going to either pass right through them or totally fail because of them. So, be patient and remember its a game. People post techniques but I have found each player experiences bugs in different ways making it tough to follow what worked for others. It might start you with a late count down or even standing next to the runner... lol. Try, try often, try while laughing... best advice I can give.

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    Started with quad skill 2, finished all golds and it was skill 18, just from doing time trials over and over. Yea, I got super pissed at some points, when I know I was doing perfect and then a rescue pops in my way. I finally accepted and appreciate the added challenge of the rescue pops.

    You don't need vehicle skill.

    First off there seems to be a slight quarter-half second lag between hitting a control and it firing, this goes for everything steering, boosting, and braking.
    Its better to let off the gas and hit the loop than to try and boost/EBrake. Don't try to E-Brake, you will end up doing a 180 unless you practice it and get used to the control delay.

    Use boost as much as possible. The Course Rings that have little rings in them refill your boost instantly, boost into them try to boost through as many as you can without letting off. There are some trap boost rings that you really don't need to boost through. Like ones that have a sharp turn right after it.

    Don't boost in the air. When your airborne let your boost refill, then just before you hit the ground start boosting again to avoid a hard-landing-stop.

    If you can drive around a rescue, do it. Some rescues are there purposely in the way (Dodge challenge raider roadblock, hit the wall on the right side and it will shoot you into the next loop). Most are not and may block your path completely, you will have to stop and kill them. Yes annoying, but less annoying than running into it over and over.

    Other than that just finish the courses, you still get xp and a reward for bronze and silver. Just do them over and over till you get it right. The only one I got gold on the first try was the short one near muir processing plant.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention. Right now there is a "time added at the end" bug.
    How to tell how much time is going to be added to the finish time you saw on your screen and know you had?
    Every time you start there is a Load screen before the race. After the load screen clears it should immediately start '3.. 2.. 1..' countdown. It does not always immediately start counting down. the time between the load screen clear and the '3' coming up is added at the end. So if it takes anymore than 4-5 seconds to begin the countdown your better off restarting before you begin. Sometimes you may need to abandon the race all together, or re-log to get a better time added. I still got gold with 6-7 seconds added to my time, so if you do everything right and perfect gold is still plausible.

    I have reported the bug many times, I can only assume they are working on it.
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    I found that when you reach a Long/High jump kill your thrusters a second before the jump and enable the thruster a second after and it will force the roller to the ground where you can enable the thruster so that you can go faster. keep in mind while you are airborn your thruster dont really work.
    Also try to limit your turns , a straight line is the faster line then a curvey one
    Use your brakes on the 1st left turn and you will flow thru the turn faster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Writhen View Post
    For those of you with gold medal time trials, any tips to help improve my time? Did you wait until your skill was maxed out?

    So far I have just been trying the trials over and over until I get angry. At which point I find the nearest hellbug and shoot it in the face. Although it does make me feel better, it hasn't actually helped with the trial time.
    Having your runner skill maxed out doesn't hurt, but you can still get gold even at low levels. My runner skill bugged out and reset, so I did roughly half of the races with my skill in the 2-8 range.

    For me the key was running the trials a few times until I knew the course by heart. When to boost, tight corners or other problem areas, where the emergencies pop up, etc. Most emergencies can be avoided as long as you're prepared that they might be there, but occasionally you're going to have to stop and clear one. It's annoying, but typically you get at least a few clean runs before the emergency respawns, and even if it does it's often a different version that can be avoided.

    Sometimes abandoning and restarting the race is a better choice when you know that you've messed up the race, or when you've lagged or bugged at the beginning and know that you've got extra time added on. Some races are more forgiving of errors than others.

    I found that doing the races in 'off peak' hours when there's less people playing minimized the extra time that gets added. Few things are more frustrating than knowing that you beat the time and then not getting your gold because the system added 5 seconds to your final time.

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    Did mine at around 13-14. The extra boosts help immensely with the way the game adds time to your run.

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    Noobie question, how do you level up the vehicle stats? I've done the a few time trials ran into a few enemies and timed out. But, I know I really don't play the game just to race anyway(terrible game driver).
    I will run over Mrs.Daisy and everyone else nearby. LOL.

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    Tortuga. You just got to ride it. A lot.

    As far as the races go. I usually just needed to do them a few times to get the lay of the land and the course down. After that it's just fine tuning. My runner is at....7? I think. So you don't need it maxed to get gold. I, personally, do a lot of direction prepping while I'm in the air and boost as soon as I land. (It's screwed me a few times, but done correctly might shave a few seconds off of your time). Biggest tip I can give ya is practice.

    Oh yeah, and hope that the Defiance gods favor you with a low number of emergencies and arkfalls.

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    Ok thanks and why a low number of emergencies and arkfalls?

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